Here is what some of our clients are saying about us.

“Garden Makeover Company planned our entire backyard and executed the plan beautifully. They created beautiful curved gardens and put in lovely plants that were of interest throughout the year. They helped us see what our yard could be. They listened to our ideas but used their expertise to create beautiful spaces at reasonable prices.” Laurie Duker — Silver Spring, MD

“Connie worked her magic on my tired looking garden and brought it back to life after 15 years! She is very dedicated, reliable and follows up with all her clients long after her job is done to make sure the plants are still thriving. Each year she manages to find little improvements to keep things looking fresh.” Ellen White — Laurel, MD

“I began working with Connie Bowers and the Garden Makeover Company about 7 years ago to address a number of landscaping issues. The previous owner had planted a number of trees and shrubs about my home without considering the long-term consequences as they grew or the attraction to deer! Connie has been enormously helpful in reworking the landscaping with the size appropriate trees and deer resistant shrubs. My place looks 100% better!” Steven Weiss — Silver Spring, MD

“Connie and her assistants have transformed my yard and garden from a desert into an oasis. Connie is professional, enjoyable to work with and her pricing fair. Her goal is customer satisfaction and I am one very satisfied customer. With the results she’s achieved on my property, my neighbor has signed her on. We’re very happy to have Connie “making a difference” in the appearance of our yards.” Claire d’Arcy — Colesville, MD

“When I “discovered” Connie and the Garden Makeover Company a number of years ago, in spite of some basic landscaping, my back yard was covered with weeds and overgrown ivy. We started with weeding and soil preparation. Working as a team, we looked for plants appropriate to my shaded setting. Each year we tackled a different area of the yard with new plantings. Connie has provided both garden coaching and, with her staff, expert landscaping services. The garden has been transformed into an idyllic setting, providing us with hours of enjoyment, and a beautiful spot friends love to visit.” Lois T. — Bethesda, MD

“I enjoy doing quite a bit of my own gardening, but my landscape had become a mishmash of interesting plants with no coherent design. This is where Garden Makeover’s owner, Connie Bowers, entered the picture. She took on my project a section at a time. Her crew cleaned out garden beds and pruned bushes. They removed plants when needed, re-arranged others and sometimes added new plants. In one area, a whole new bed was planted to draw the eye away from a large, unsightly utility box. This was successful and a tremendous asset to my home.
Garden Makeover (Connie) is like a personal trainer for my garden. She suggests things in the landscape I can do myself. She writes a newsletter that is geared to where I live. She sends emails that remind me to water a new planting, to give special attention to a situation in my garden or alert me to something that will help me maintain the landscape.
Connie is very knowledgeable and has practical, value conscious suggestions. I’ve recommended Garden Makeover to friends and neighbors that comment on what has literally been a makeover for my home’s landscape.” Ron and Sherry Kabran — Silver Spring, MD

“Connie is extremely knowledgeable and reliable. We are always happy with her planting suggestions.” Sheila Bernstein — Silver Spring, MD

“I can not say enough good things about Connie or her Company. While I was living in Maryland, Connie helped me plan and plant my Garden. Although I now live in North Carolina, Connie is now bringing back to life my Mothers memorial garden. Connie keeps me updated with suggestions and pictures. I can not think of anyone that I would recommend more than Connie and her Garden Makeover Company. Tom McNamara — Leland, NC