Design Consideration – Water Feature

Studies have shown that the presence of a water feature is one of the biggest draws in the landscape – particularly the sound of running water.  Water brings soothing sounds, a sense of calm, and a sensation of coolness in the summer.  The sound of running water, particularly if hidden, can entice the visitor through the landscape.

Water features can range from a large fish pond to a small fountain attached to a fence or set in a garden bed near the front of the house.  Garden centers are now full of ready made yet artistic products that can be installed quite easily, such as the ceramic urn with bubbling water spilling over the rim down the sides to disappear into a base of river rocks.

For a possible DIY project, you could create a “wall” to hang a fountain with a section of trellis or privacy fence panel, supported by posts.  You could set a basin on the ground, and mount a ‘mask’ or other ornament on the wall, drill holes for tubing, and plug.  A nice birdbath serves as a water feature that can be situated anywhere, without worrying about installation.



water feature wall fountain